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In Baltimore, MD, February 1, 2017, The National Black Unity News (TNBUN), became a leading resource guide, and directories of local and national black businesses, and resources for our consumer base. We will cover local and national sectors of the United States.

We were extremely pleased to introduce The National Black Unity News to the United States in March 2017. We have continued to provide local black businesses and organizations with powerful solutions to connect with their customers and grow their business through Articles, advertising, sales/marketing and solution-oriented information.

Our key strategy is the aggressive pursuit of providing the business community with the most effective and diverse means of connecting to their target customer. The National Black Unity News present’s information from a variety of sources in a unified way. We focus our attention on the national, state, counties, city, and local communities. In addition to our national and state search engines, we offer newsletters, business/members directories, online radio, live networking events, social and business networking sites, local news, and other vital features. Our ultimate goal is to furnish businesses with a convenient way to market and advertise their products and services with an affordable yet effective results. We also will provide a multitude of services that will educate and inform our consumer base so that they can enhance their quality of life!

David L. Murphy – Publisher

Bill Goodin – Editor & Chief

Walter Dempsy Murphy – National Manager

Dr. Barbara Watties – National Editor

Dr.Mel Butler – National Sales Director

Jacinta Walker – National Marketing Director

Vernon Streater – Events Coordinator

Melaughn Butler – Directory


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