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We are extremely excited and proud to announce The National Black Unity News (TNBUN) is launching our 2024 Vision Campaign!

The Community Is in Your Hands

This is an electrifying time for TNBUN as we continue to Support Black Unity by expanding across the entire United States. This vision was set by Mr. David Murphy, Publisher/President and Bill Goodin, Editor in Chief of TNBUN, a little under 2 years ago. The entire staff has dedicated many hours to developing a platform with the goal of open the communication network so that we can assist in building institutions of organizations, education, economic empowerment, entertainment, and media services to connect our community.

This publication marks the 11th quarterly issue since the inception of the TNBUN May 2017 in Baltimore, MD.

We want to ensure the success of this publication and the mission. As the black proverb says “If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.” We will be building on the foundation set forth over the last 2 years by rebranding with a fresh new look and feel, revamping an easy-to-navigate website to find the news and resources that matters to you, upgrading our directory, and offering all platforms that you use to connect. Our new newsletter will offer more advertising opportunities and keep you informed on some hot topics and educational pieces in between our quarterly publications. And finally we will be going National, as denoted in our name. We will rely heavily on your help in connecting our communities. As a TNBUN Ambassador, you have the awesome and lucrative opportunity connect black businesses, authors, churches, resources, and more to black media. We are building a team of talented individuals and Black Businesses to help strategize, create, implement and launch the kickoff of Vision 2024.


Here’s what you need to know:


What is the goal of 2024 Vision?

Our goal with 2024 Vision is to reignite a passion within our loyal readers and introduce TNBUN to millions of others. We look to connect all our communities of men and women from our passionate and insightful Millennials to our wise and experienced Baby Boomers and everyone and everything in between that unites us all. TNBUN will continue to be the leading resource guide and directory of local and National black businesses for our consumer base.


What is the TNBUN Strategy?

Our key strategy is the aggressive pursuit of providing the business community with the most effective and diverse means of connecting to their target customer. The National Black Unity News present’s information from a variety of sources in a unified way. We focus our attention on the national, state, counties, city, and local communities. In addition to our national and state search engines, we offer newsletters, business/members directories, online radio, live networking events, social and business networking sites, local news, and other vital features. Our ultimate goal is to furnish businesses with a convenient way to market and advertise their products and services with an affordable yet effective results. We also will provide a multitude of services that will educate and inform our consumer base so that they can enhance their quality of life!



What are some industry and company challenges?

Most publications have gone 100% online. We live in an On-Demand society where we are accustomed to retrieving information right now and at our fingertips.  We will meet this challenge by upgrading all our platforms, rebranding all digital assets and hiring the best in the business to ensure the most efficient outcome. Our subscription option still allows persons to get a physical paper. Remember, it is 4 issues per year.

Another objection is our quarterly output. Some may see this as a missed opportunity to reach the public. However, this is done by design. It keeps the cost for our advertisers extremely low. This alleviates one of the top reasons Black Businesses are unable to mass market their products and services: lack of marketing funds. Even still, TNBUN will provide a biweekly newsletter and social media platforms to capture the latest news, resources and current events.



How will we accomplish this? / How do we plan to get the Black America on board with our vision?

The reality is, there is a huge movement going on right now. Many of us have been “on board” for a very long time. We’ve all seen social campaigns like #SupportBlackBusiness or #BlackOwnedBusiness


Often we see this as a reactive position. Our vision at TNBUN is to have #SupportBlackBusiness as your 1st option and not a reactive one.






     What main methods will 2024 Vision implement now?


    • TNBUN Ambassadors – We are embarking on a MASSIVE National expansion plan. The only way we will accomplish this is through people like you reading this now. We need those passionate, in entrepreneurship, small business, community outreach, and connecting and strengthening our black community, to join our growing teams. Every State will consist of a State Director, State Manager and many State Ambassadors. As Ambassadors, you are enthusiastic and always share and promote the various TNBUN platforms. You are able to locate and reach our target audience. You are a great motivator and align with our mission. Commissions range from 20%-30% on Advertisements, Directory Enrollments and sponsorship. Join Today! Support Black Unity and Earn by emailing your resume and cover letter. Let us know what state you prefer.


    • TNBUN Directory Locate, Connect, Support is the solution to one of the biggest complaints we hear: Inability to locate your local black-owned business for product and service needs. Black business owners, community organizations, and corporations will have the opportunity to enroll. This online platform will make it super easy and fun to find and support these businesses at home or while traveling. Introductory rates will end soon. Portal enrollment opens in January 2024!





    How are we reaching the community?

    We have three main platforms:


    Print Assets Online Assets In-Person
    Quarterly Newspaper Website Special Events
    Editorials Online Business Directory Corporate Sponsorships

    Social Media Platforms


    Community Rewards Program


    These platforms allow individuals, businesses and communities around the country to promote, educate, inform, and connect with one another.  TNBUN offers a wide array of methods to reach your target audience such as articles, sponsored social media posts, website display ads, preferred vendor list, corporate sponsorships, newsletter inserts and more.




    Why will our campaign be successful?


    2024 Vision will lead with our Ambassador Program, Business Directory, and the Total Re-Branding of TNBUN

    We are totally relying on the excited voices and overcoming the frustrations our communities face every day.  “The community is in your hands” is our 2024 Theme. This means that we are the ones that will bring about success in our own communities and across the country. Just like we have seen in our rich past, when we support one another, there is nothing we cannot do. When we back that support with our dollars, we insure this success.


    Potential Reach

    • 50 States
    • ~ 16,000+ Cities
    • ~ 3,000+ Counties
    • ~ 2,000,000 Blacked Owned Businesses (source United States Census Bureau)


    Black Buying Power

    The Black Community has major POWER! Nielsen places the Black Buying Power at 1.2 trillion dollars!

    We have seen an incredible movement for supporting one-another with more than words, but by putting our money behind it. TNBUN provides the platforms for us to make this happen even easier.

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